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WW2 German Regiment General Goering Goring service contract

Service Contract 13 Batterie (Artillerie) Regiment General Göring -

For Kanonier Jürgen Killmann (not listed in any German Death Records) born 3 July 1918 in Halle.  Contract is to serve 21 months and was begun 9 December 1938 in Berlin.  Signed by Killmann and a Hauptmann and Batterie Chef. Measures about 7 x 10 inches and has folds and binder holes.  There are 3 by the same name living in Halle today, which must be descendents.



WW2 German Black Wound Badge Document Panzer Jaeger Abteilung 36 1940 Verdun
WW2 German Silver Wound Badge Document Intanterie Regiment 4 Demjansk Pocket Bialystok 1943

WW2 Black Wound Badge document for Unteroffizier Kurt Hegener, Nachrichten Zug Panzer Jaeger Abteilung 36.  Was awarded for one wound 13 June 1940.  The award was made in the field 1 September 1940. It is signed by a major and Abteilung 36 commander and also has the ink stamp from the Abteilung.

Panzer Jaeger Abteilug 36 was a part of Infanterie Division (mot) 36.  At the time of his wound, they were taking Verdun, France.

Has never been folded.



WW2 Silver Wound Badge document for  Gefreiter Michael Gross, 2 Company Infanterie Regiment 4. Was awarded for one wound received 21 March 1943, in the East. The award was made, 20 March 1943, in a hospital in Bialystok.  It has the ink stamp of the Bialystok hospital and the signature of the chief doctor.

Infanterie Regiment 4 was a part of  32 Infanterie Division.  At the time of his wound, they took heavy losses in the northern sector of the East Front, specifically the southeast part of the Demjansk Pocket.

Only a center fold.