Miscellaneous Identification Documents


WW2 German 1st style Arbeitsbuch, started 7 May 1936 in Saarbrücken for Philipp Otto, born 23 July 1918.  He was single.  By trade, he was an electrician. From 1 July ro 14 December 1936, he worked as a helper for a farmer.  From 4 January ro 6 February 1937, he worked as an electronics mechanic in Sulzbach-Saar.  From 8 March to 26 June 1937, he worked as a mechanics helper at an electronics shop.  From 10 July to 29 September 1937, he was a mechanic at an electronics place in Saarbruucken.  The last work place entry is in a mining facility in St. Ingbert, 9 April to 21 April 1938, as a helper.   (He is not listed in the German Graves Database).  Measures about 4.25 x 6 inches with 38 pages.

Very good condition.


WW2 German BDM Ausweis Cover HJ

WW2 German Bund Deutscher Maedel (BDM) Ausweis Slip Cover. Measures about 3.75 x 5.5 closed. Made of pressed coated cardboard with gold embossed lettering. Has two slip pockets inside for placement of a BDM Ausweis. 

Good used condition with inside water stains.


WW2 German 1st style Arbeitsbuch, started 19 August 1935, for  Jakob Schneider, born 26 June 1888, Saarbrücken.  He was also a chain blacksmith and started his profession in 1924.  He worked at the Saarbrücken Chain Factory. Measures about 4.25 x 6 inches with 32 pages and an additional Merkblatt.

Inside pages are loose from the staples holding them.


WW2 German 2nd Style Arbeitsbuch for Werner Ames, born 19 February 1925, Saarlautern. The Arbeitsbuch was started in Saarlautern, 28 February 1939.  Dates show he was learning to cook from April 1939 to April 1942.  Taken into the military in may 1942. 

Measures about 4 x 6 inches and is complete with all 38 pages.

Excellent condition.


1935 German Reichsbund Ehemaliger 99er Bund Membership Ausweis Stamps

1935 German Reichsbund Ehemaliger 99er Bund Membership Ausweis.  Social welfare group for the war wounded.  This ID, specific for those in Düsseldorf, was for one man, his name scratched out, and another name added.  He was a member since 1933.    Measures about 4 x 5.5 inches with 7 dues stamps glued to the back.



WW2 German Fuehrerschein Driver's License under 250cc

WW2 German Führerschein (Driver’s License), issued 16 May 1941, Öhringen, for Walter, born 21 April 1924, Heilbron.  It was valid for class 4, which was cars up to 250cc and up to 20kmh (like a tractor).

Very good condition.


WW2 German 1st Style Arbeitsbuch Worker's Book ID for blacksmith Saarbrücken
WW2 German 1st Style Arbeitsbuch Worker's Book ID for electrician from Saarbrücken
WW2 German Arbeitsbuch 2nd style Worker's ID Book Cook Saarbrucken
WW2 German Metal Frame Ausweis worker ID Mine in Saarbrücken

WW2 German Metal ID for a worker at Vereinigten Hüttenwerke Burbach Eich Düdlingen A.G. in Saarbrücken.  Issued to Heinrich Füchs from Saarbrücken, born 30 April 1902.  Was issued 1 march 1941 and lists him as a machinist.

Metal frame is stamped with the same number as his card inside.  Is also stamped 2 DRP AUSLANDSPAT.

Very good condition.