WW1 Medals and Pins

WW1 German Hindenburg Cross with Swords button device

WW1 German Hindenburg Cross with Swords (for Combatants.) button hole device. Ehrenkreuz fuer Frontkaempfer mit Schwertern.   Measures 30 mm across and features multiple layers of original ribbon made into a bow and with the swords device applied.  Back has a type of button affixed so it could be worn in the button hole of a civilian suit.

Very good condition.


WW1 German Gold for Iron Token Medal. On the front, In the time of Iron, 1916 - On the back, I gave gold for defense and took Iron for my honor. Has Hosaeus beneath the laurel leaves.  These were given to civilians by the government when they donated their gold for the war effortMeasures about 14.8 mm. 

Has 98% of original black remaining.


WW1 German Gold for Iron 1916 Medal Token Donation War Effort

Original WW1 German Iron Cross 2nd Class. Eiserneskreuz 2. Klasse.  Iron Cross 2nd measures 43.9 mm square. Center is non-magnetic, thus this would have been manufactured post-WW1.  Am assuming it is a between-the-wars Cross sold to a WW1 vet who had lost his issue piece.  Click here for a close up of the cross.  Has an unmarked suspension ring.

Very good  condition original!


WW1 non magnetic Iron Cross 2nd Class Eiserneskreuz 2 Klasse